Wrist Bands

We engrave customized messages on wrist-bands that come in numerous colors using our laser technology to give you unrivaled quality.

Branded Silicon wrist bands can be used for promotion, creating awareness about the brand and also for social awareness.
The options available include:

  • Normal Wristbands- 1.2cm and 1.5 cm
  • Large Wristbands- 2cm
  • Glow in the Dark Wristbands
  • Kids Size Wristbands
  • Multi color Wristbands

Companies use them as promotional gifts that are given away to the target consumers during events and trade fairs. The silicone bands are weather resistant and do not melt due to heat thus opting for them would ensure that your promotional message enjoys a good life. The silicon wristbands can be customized as below:

  • Engraved
  • Printed
  • Engraved and printed

We have substantial inventory in wide range of colors including White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Luminous Green, Brown, Pink, Purple etc