Sublimation Printing

We offers the best sublimation printing quality, full color end products at fast speeds . Our sublimation printing technology makes it possible to process materials used in a wide range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, advertising, tours and travel, sports marketing, hospitality, manufacturing, FMCGs, engineering, building and construction, automotive, optics and more. Using sublimation printing we are able to print directly on canvas, wood, leather, aluminum profiles, tiles and ceramics among others.

With sublimation printing we can achieve end products including but not limited to:

  • Kangas/lessos

The best full colour printing of Kangas, Lessos,  kikois , Bandanas, and wrappers on most suitable fabrics revealing intricate art and designs

  • Full colour T-shirts

Custom full colour printing of t-shirts , including event T-shirts, promotions T-shirts ,  campaign T-shirts, etc

  • Neck ties

Customised Full colour printing of neck ties  in Nairobi-Kenya, for corporate wear,  events, fashion and costumes and much more

  • Sports Jerseys

For quality full colour printing of sports jerseys in Nairobi-Kenya, used as sports uniforms, sports merchandise, etc

  • Travel Bags

For premium customised full colour travel bags, gym bags, duffel bags and conference bags printing in Nairobi-Kenya.

  • Mugs and cups

We produce ceramic customized colour printed mugs used as gift items, display items,  and for everyday drinking of your favourite beverage

  • Travel/thermal Mugs

Full color high definition printing of thermal mugs and thermos flasks,  .

  • Water Bottles

Quality and affordable Full colour printing of plastic and aluminum water bottles for merchandising, gift items and for everyday use

  • Coasters

We are the home of Customised full colour, We can customise the coaster customers desire in terms of shape,size,colour and weight

  • Table tops

For brilliant full colour table tops , for use in gaming stores, hotels, café’s and restaurants, we will produce these fast and easy delivering best quality at most affordable rates

  • Lanyards and Ribbons

We are the home of Customised full colour lanyards printing. These come in a variety of sizes and fabric textures, allowing your to have lanyards in your exact corporate colours and pantons printed on both sides of the lanyard. They also come with safety snap buckles making them suitable for use in all industries such as security and access control, general office set up, events, plants and manufacturing, engineering, and many more

  • Flags and banners

Printed in high definition of upto 1600 dpi and for general/all-purpose use we produces the most quality full colour printing of flags and banners in Nairobi-Kenya.

  • Umbrellas

Never before has the printing full colour umbrellas been easier and faster. We are able to produce the best umbrellas for corporate events, as merchandise and for general use